Before eating corn planted on the roadside, know its disadvantages

Apart from being delicious to eat, sweet corn is also very beneficial for health. During the monsoon season, people often eat corn sold on the roadside, but do you know how dangerous it is for your health. Even if the smell of roasted corn found on the roadside may pull you towards it, but it should not be consumed in terms of health. Today we are going to tell you 5 such reasons, due to which you should not eat roadside corn in monsoon.
Disadvantages of eating corn on the roadside

1. Flies buzz on the corn on the roadside, due to which many bacteria and germs remain in the corn. In such a situation, its consumption can make you a victim of serious diseases. That’s why don’t eat corn from the area where dirt is spread.
2. Bhutta is sold a lot in monsoon, due to which the cob sellers are very busy. For this reason, he does not even pay attention to the cleanliness of the corn. Apart from this, the utensil used to roast corn is covered with coal, which can make you a victim of cancer.
3. The corn workers have old water bottles to wash their hands, which are dirty. Most corn pickers clean their hands with mud or water, which is dangerous. There are many microorganisms in it, which can make you sick by going into your body through corn.

4. Lemon juice and spices further increase its test, but these things remain like this for a long time with the people who eat corn. To save money, most people give you wrong spices and squeeze lemon juice, which is the cause of diseases.
5. The cobs are kept in the open air throughout the day and are exposed to all kinds of air pollutants. These particles go inside your body along with the corn and make you sick. Therefore, to avoid diseases in this season, avoid roadside cobs.

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