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India’s Moon Mission Chandrayaan 3 The success of is being discussed all over the world. Everyone is talking about the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon. India has done what America, Russia and China could not do. This mission of India is being discussed the most in the neighboring country of Pakistan. Everyone is making fun of their own country for this mission of India in Pakistan. Be it the common people or the media, everyone is busy cursing the Pakistani rulers.

Meanwhile, one question is arising the most that the space agency in Pakistan was established even before India’s ISRO, but why did it not stand anywhere in comparison to it. Come, let’s know what is the reason for this.

Space agency was established in Pak in 1961

Space agency SUPARCO was established in Pakistan even before India’s space agency ISRO (ISRO VS Pak Space Agency). The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Organization (SUPARCO) was established on 16 September 1961, while ISRO was established in 1969.

The first rocket was launched before India

Suparco had launched rocket in space in 1962 even before ISRO. After this, ISRO slowly caught the path of progress and kept moving forward. The biggest reason for this was not paying attention to the agency from the Government of Pakistan.

Left only 5 satellites in 62 years

Pakistan has launched only 5 satellites in its 62 years of space agency history. The first satellite was launched on 19 July 1990, named Badr 1. This satellite could work only for 6 months. After this, the second satellite was launched on 10 December 2001, which was named Badr-B.

The third PAKAT-1 was launched on 11 August 2011 with the help of China. The fourth satellite iCube-1 was launched on 21 November 2013. Pakistan launched the last and fifth satellite on 9 July 2018 with the help of China. After this Pakistan has not done any launching.

Why did the Pak agency deteriorate?

Actually, in the beginning, Pakistan was determined to make itself a superpower. This was the reason that he got involved in launching rockets by setting up a space agency. Pakistan started with the help of America, but later the coup of unstable governments and army in the neighboring country drowned everything.

Pakistan left no stone unturned and spent most of its money on increasing military power and testing missiles. Today the fund of India’s space agency is about 70 times more than that of Pakistan.

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