This sweet of Rajasthan and Mathura is liked even by foreign tourists

A different type of sweet, which is called Ghevar, is available at the sweet shops, especially in the rainy season. In Rajasthan, it is seen only during the rainy season. Which is eaten and fed with great fervor in Teej, festivals. People who are familiar with the real taste of Ghevar, do not like the taste of any other place. That’s why here people pack this sweet and take it away.

where does ghevar come from

By the way, Ghevar has a separate history. But it is considered to be the origin of Rajasthan only. Rajasthan is very different in terms of food. From spices to sweets, no one forgets the taste soon. The variety of this you will find in Rajasthan, the same in Braj Bhoomi Mathura. In restaurants, this dessert with a round net can also be ordered under the name of honeycomb dessert.

Ghevar is another name for the festival.

In Rajasthan, the festival of Teej is incomplete without Ghevar. Here this festival is celebrated with great pomp and the sweetness of Ghevar is essential. Apart from this, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you will get to taste Ghevar in Mathura, Bulandshahar and even in Delhi, Noida. Moreover, in these places, people prefer to take ghevar instead of laddoos and barfi in Raksha-Bandhan.

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