Hardoi: Many important issues were discussed in the meeting of District Executive of Journalist Association

Hardoi: The district executive meeting of Hardoi Journalist Association was held at Vaibhav Lal as per the pre-determined programme. Many important issues including the formation of new committees, membership drive were discussed in the meeting and the outline of the upcoming program was prepared.

Addressing the meeting, District President Sudhanshu Mishra said that the aim of the association is to establish mutual normalcy among journalists and to live together in each other’s happiness and sorrow. He said that harassment of journalists will not be tolerated at any level under any circumstances.
Senior journalist and convenor Prashant Pathak said that the solidarity of journalists will prove to be a milestone in giving right direction to the society, in such a situation, if there is any crisis on any journalist, it will be fought firmly.
Senior Vice President Anoop Srivastava said that before adding new members, their social background should be checked, no one should be added whose credentials are not correct. General Secretary Arvind Tiwari said that if we remain united, the organization will expand and this will also send a good message to the society.

Ashish Dwivedi, Prashant Singh Gyanu Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčTripathi, Abhinav Dwivedi, Saurabh Tripathi, Shivendra Singh Mohammad Asif, Ashish Singh, Sushant Singh, Durgesh Mishra, Sunil Kumar, Pulkit Sharma kept their views in the meeting.

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