India on the moon in athletics too, Neeraj created history, won the first gold in the World Championship. Daily Hindi News

New Delhi: Olympic gold, gold in the Diamond League and now gold in… the star javelin thrower has taken India to the moon in sports as well. When this athlete, who is called the pride and pride of India, topped the qualifying, then everyone expected that the last time’s work would be completed this time. The same thing happened. Neeraj won the gold medal with a throw of 88.17 metres. He created history by becoming the first Indian to win gold in the history of the Athletics World Championships. He is the first Indian to win gold in Athletics World Championships history, while this is the third medal. Earlier, she had won the silver, while long jumper Anju Bobby George won the bronze. The silver medal of the event went to Nadeem of Pakistan and the bronze medal to Yakub of the Czech Republic. Neeraj Chopra’s first throw was a foul, he hit the golden throw in the second round itself Neeraj, who widened India’s chest by winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, did not start as expected. His first throw resulted in a foul, while Germany’s Julian Weber was on top with a throw of 85.79m. When Neeraj took the second attempt, everyone kept watching. The Indian star didn’t even look at him after throwing the javelin. As if he was sure that this throw is the best. This time he had a throw of 88.17m, which won him the gold. Pakistani Arshad Nadeem finished second On the other hand, Pakistani thrower Arshad Nadeem finished second with 87.82m (season best). He touched this figure in the third attempt. With this, Julian slipped down as Jakub Vedlech of Czech Republic threw 86.67m in the 5th round and reached number three. Arshad tried his best to get ahead, but could only throw 87.15m in the fourth round and 81.86m in the sixth round. His 5th attempt was a foul. On the other hand, India’s other two athletes Kishore Jena had a best throw of 84.77m. He finished 5th and DP Manu finished 6th with a throw of 84.14m. This was the first time that 3 athletes from India qualified for the final of the javelin throw.

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