Kota’s coaching institutes crossing limits, two lives lost in a single day

One jumped from the sixth floor of the coaching institute and the other hanged himself to death.

-Krishna Baldev Hada-
Kota Coaching Suicide Case Due to the incidents of suicides crossing all limits in Kota, students of two coaching institutes of Kota committed suicide after the test was taken on a holiday on Sunday. This painful accident took place after the test conducted on a holiday on Sunday under the arbitrariness of the owners of the coaching institutes by not following all the government guidelines.

Two coaching students committed suicide in Kota, Rajasthan’s so-called coaching city, after taking a test despite it being a holiday on Sunday. A coaching student jumped from the sixth floor of his own coaching institute, killing himself on the spot, while another coaching student ended his life by hanging himself in his hostel after giving a test. This is the seventh incident of suicide of a coaching student in Kota in the month of August alone.

Adarsh, a student from coaching Bihar living in a house in Kunhadi police station area of ​​Kota, committed suicide by hanging himself. The matter came to light at around eight o’clock on Sunday night when he did not open the door of his room to have food. Somehow when other students reached the room by opening the door, student Adarsh ​​was found hanging from the noose, who was brought to Kota’s MBS Hospital where he was declared brought dead after investigation. The body of the student has been kept in the mortuary of the hospital for postmortem.

Before this, another coaching student committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor of his own coaching institute on Sunday in Kota. 16-year-old Avishkar Sambhaji Kasle, who had come for coaching from Latur, Maharashtra, was called for the test despite Sunday being a holiday at this coaching institute located in Vigyan Nagar, Kota. Instead of returning to her grandmother, reach the sixth floor of the coaching institute and jump from the top and give up her life.

This is the fifth incident of suicide of a coaching student in Kota in the month of August alone, while 22 coaching students have committed suicide or died under suspicious circumstances in Kota in the last eight months so far this year. Avishkar Sambhaji, a coaching student from Latur, Maharashtra, was living in Kota with his maternal grandmother for the last one and a half years and was taking coaching at a coaching institute located at roll number one of Indraprastha Industrial Area under Vigyan Nagar police station area.

After the increasing incidents of Kota suicides, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has not only expressed concern over the increasing incidents of suicides of coaching students in Kota, but he has also taken ‘virtual classes’ of Kota’s coaching institute operators while living in Jaipur, but Despite this, the operators of the coaching institutes in Kota are running the activities of the coaching institutes as per their wish, disregarding all the government papers and guidelines.

Recognizing stress as a major reason for suicide among coaching students in Kota, Kota District Magistrate Om Prakash Bunkar had recently issued a guideline asking coaching institutes to observe ‘Sunday as fun-day’. Celebrated and no coaching activity or test etc. should be organized on this day.

But in spite of this today being a Sunday, the test was conducted in this coaching institute. After giving the test, the coaching student reached the sixth floor of his coaching institute and jumped from there. He died immediately after falling down. On receiving the information, Vigyan Nagar police station reached the spot and recovered the body and kept it in the mortuary of the hospital. The police is investigating the matter

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