What is the difference between deodorant and perfume? Learn what to keep in mind while choosing Men’s Perfume

What is the difference between deodorant and perfume?  Learn what to keep in mind while choosing Men's Perfume

Be it summer or winter, both deodorant and perfume are used every day. Most people do not go out of the house without applying them. So, some people get used to their fragrance and cannot feel fresh without it. But, most of the people do not even know the difference between these two, while both are used for different reasons. For example, there is more fragrance in one and less in the other. Apart from this, there are many differences between perfume and deo, let’s understand about them in detail.

Difference between perfume and deo

To understand the basic difference between perfume and deo, you have to go to its chemical concentration. For example, the amount of alcohol in deodorant is 10 to 15% and the essence added to it is only up to 1-2%. That is, it does not last long and absorbs sweat and keeps on giving wet fragrance for a few hours. Now talking about perfume, the amount of alcohol in it would be 15-25% and the amount of essence could be around 20 to 25 percent. Deo is used to remove the smell of sweat, while perfume is used to stop the smell of clothes and has the power to last for 12 hours.

Which is the best perfume for men?

Here are the things you should keep in mind while choosing the best perfume for men. Such as

First of all, buy perfume with high alcohol content because men’s sweat is more acidic and smells very strong.
While choosing the quantity of essence, keep in mind that the smell should not be such that others start getting disturbed.
Avoid buying perfumes with pungent fragrances.
Perfume should be long lasting.
If it is anti-perspirant, it can also work as a deo.

Which is better perfume or deodorant?

If you are talking on the lines of daily use then you should use deo. It will stay smelling with you for about 5 to 6 years, will keep you fresh but will not bother you with the strong smell of perfume. So, keeping all these things in mind, use perfume and deo.

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