It’s fun, now only ₹ 1000 a month and you will get full 2 ​​crore 33 lakh, with this special trick of SIP

New Delhi. SIP Best Plan: In today’s time, everyone wants to become a millionaire by earning quick money, but for this you have to walk with complete planning. If the path of investment is not chosen properly, then the life of becoming a millionaire can be very difficult. Investments made in the right way can take you to your destination very easily.

SIP- Systematic Investment Plan- can help you with this. SIP is one such tool which can make you rich in the long run. Compounding gives you huge returns if you invest for a long time. Experts say that by investing for 20, 25 or 30 years, you can get a profit of up to 20 percent. Consequently, the sooner you start investing, the higher the returns.

Keep in mind that investment should be done regularly. However, you can start with Rs.1000 as well. It is relatively easy to grow this small fund into a large fund. A SIP of Rs 1000 can help you become a crorepati. How to make a fund of 2 crores with 1000 rupees? How to invest 1000 rupees every month. Many mutual funds have given returns of 20% or more in recent years.

What will be the returns in 20 years?

1000 rupees will have to be invested every month. If you deposit this amount for 20 years, then you will get a total deposit of Rs 2.4 lakh. At 15% annual return, your fund will grow to Rs 15 lakh 16 thousand in 20 years. If we assume an annual return of 20%, the fund would be worth Rs 31.61 lakh.

Funds of more than Rs 2 crore will be available on investment of 30 years

Assume we invest Rs 1000 per month for 25 years and earn 20% annual return; On maturity, we will have a fund of Rs 86.27 lakh. If this period is 30 years, then your fund of Rs 2 crore 33 lakh 60 thousand will be created with 20% return as mentioned in the previous calculation.

how do you get more profit

Mutual funds give investors the benefit of compounding. Monthly investment option available. This is the reason why you can start a huge fund with a small investment. The interest on the returns earned causes it to grow exponentially.

disclaimer -: Here only information is given, we do not give investment advice. Take expert advice before investing

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