Use of black sand in railway contract works, matter came to light in Lakheri

quota. Corruption In Railway Contract: Cases of use of black sand in railway contract works are coming to the fore. The latest case has come to light at Lakheri station. Here new pillars of OHE are being installed by the contractor to run trains at a speed of 160 km per hour.

Black sand is being used by the contractor even for such an important work. On seeing the spot, it was found that this black sand is being mixed with the sand of Banas river. When asked about taking black sand in less, the contract workers present on the spot could not give any answer.

The issue has already come to the fore: This is not the first case of black sand being used by the contractor in Lakheri. Abho, this matter came to the fore a few days back. After this, the black sand was removed from the spot by the contractor. But due to no action by the authorities in the matter, the contractor again started using black sand. It is said in the sources that repeated use of black sand by the contractor is not possible without the connivance of the responsible. Because it is necessary for the officer or employee to remain on the spot during the concrete in the pit.

Railway has put a stop: Sources said that the Railways has completely banned the use of black sand in contract works. The reason for this is said to be excess of clay in the black sand. But due to it being cheaper than Banaras, the contractors use black sand more.

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