Well, these are also symptoms of calcium deficiency! Not only bones, these 3 organs can also weaken

Well, these are also symptoms of calcium deficiency!  Not only bones, these 3 organs can also weaken

What does calcium not do for our body? This is a mineral element that can help build your bones and keep them healthy. But, it is not so because calcium plays a special role in keeping many organs of the body healthy. It strengthens your teeth, prevents blood clots, helps muscles contract, and plays an important role in regulating normal heart rhythm and nerve function. Therefore, this deficiency can affect many parts of the body except the bones (What happens when your body is low on calcium). How, know in detail.

Calcium deficiency can also weaken these 3 organs.

1. Looseness of teeth

Deficiency of calcium can cause discoloration of your teeth i.e. its texture can deteriorate. That’s why you must have seen that some people’s teeth appear front and back and crooked. This is actually the looseness of the teeth, the reason for which is the lack of calcium. Because of this, the roots of the teeth become weak and the teeth become loose and move from their place.

2. Muscle pain and nerve problems

Calcium deficiency can trouble you with muscle and nerve problems. Actually, calcium ion improves your neural activities and corrects the communication between them. In such a situation, when there is a lack of it, then there can be a stretch in your veins. Apart from this, calcium deficiency can cause muscle pain and problems like tingling and stiffness can increase.

3. Weakness of brain

Calcium deficiency can cause extreme fatigue, which includes a lack of energy and an overall feeling of lethargy. This can also cause insomnia. Apart from this, due to lack of calcium, you may also have problems like fatigue and dizziness. Apart from this, it can also cause widespread brain fog due to which you may feel lack of focus, forgetfulness and confusion.

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