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auspicious time to tie rakhiWe tried to know their opinion from 10 big astrologers of the country about Bhadra’s condition, full moon time. Astrologers of the country say that Rakshabandhan can be celebrated on the night of 30th and morning of 31st. In this too, all the experts have given different arguments regarding the auspicious time in their astrological calculations.

Head of the Department of Astrology, Banaras Hindu University, Prof. Girijashankar Shastri says that on August 30, Bhadra will start at 10.05 am and end at 8.58 pm. Raksha Bandhan should be celebrated after Bhadra is over. At the same time, due to folk tradition and different opinion, Rakshabandhan can be performed during the full moon date till 7.37 am the next day.

Kashi Vidwat Parishad General Secretary Prof. Ramnarayan Dwivedi explains that it is nowhere written in the astrological texts that Rakshabandhan should be performed in Bhadra tail, so Rakhi should be tied only when the Bhadra period is completely over. In this way, Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated from 8.58 in the night of 30 August to 7.37 in the morning of 31.

Know from 5 big astrologers the answer to every question related to Raksha Bandhan

Question: When to celebrate Raksha Bandhan?
answer: Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated on both 30 and 31 August. Due to the disturbance in the full moon date, the dates are not matching, hence such a situation is being created.

Question: Can we tie rakhi for whole day on 30th?
answer: No, only after 9 pm, because there will be Bhadra Kaal throughout the day, which will end at around 8.58 pm. For this reason, Rakshabandhan should be celebrated only after 9 pm as a Shuddha Muhurta. It is written in astrological texts that Rakshabandhan should not be celebrated until the Bhadra period ends completely.

Question: Then, can 31 be tied to the whole day?
answer: No, only till 7.37 in the morning, because Rakshabandhan is celebrated only on the full moon date. Which will remain till around 7.30 am on Thursday. After this the Pratipada Tithi will begin. In the scriptures, it is forbidden to perform Rakshabandhan on Pratipada date.

Question: Why does such a situation arise almost every other year on Rakhi?
answer: Rakshabandhan celebrates the full moon of the month of Savan only, but the first half of the full moon date, ie for about ten hours, is Bhadra Kaal. Which is not considered right for Raksha Bandhan. This happens almost every other year due to mismatch between full moon date and English dates.

Question: What is Bhadra?
answer: According to mythology, Bhadra is the daughter of Lord Surya. Which is born from Surya’s wife Chhaya. Thus Bhadra is the real sister of Shani. Whereas, according to astrology, the first half of the full moon date is Bhadra Kaal.

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