Trickster dragon’s new trick, released the map and told Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh its share

China: The trickster dragon's new move, by releasing the map told Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh its share

China-India Relations: Before the G-20 summit, China has released a new map showing Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin to Taiwan as its share. The Chinese President may come to India to participate in the G20 summit, but before that China has shown its true form.

China Releases New Map: China is known worldwide for its expansionist policy. China has always been occupying the lands of its neighboring countries. By releasing new maps, Dragon has once again proved that it is not going to give up easily from its expansionist policy. Before the G20 summit to be held in India, while releasing a new map, China has declared its share from Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin to Taiwan.

India is presiding over the G20 summit this time. The G20 Summit will be held in New Delhi from 9 to 10 September. Chinese President Xi Jinping is also likely to participate in the G20. But before that China has shown its true form. China has declared India’s Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin as its share.

China’s official newspaper Global Times has released a new map on Monday. In this map, India’s Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin, Taiwan and the disputed South China Sea have been displayed as part of the communist country.

The Global Times shared the photo of the map and wrote, “The 2023 edition of the Standard Map of China was officially released on Monday and launched on the website of the Standard Map Service hosted by the Ministry of Natural Resources. This map has been operated on the basis of drawing the national boundaries of China and various countries of the world.

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