How to control blood sugar level with fenugreek seeds, you will be surprised to know the reason

According to an estimate of the World Health Organization, about 1.6 million people lose their lives due to diabetes every year in the world. It claims that by 2030 diabetes will become the 7th most deadly disease in the world. Diabetes is a permanent disease in which your blood sugar level increases.

And if it is not treated, it can harm your heart, blood vessels, eyes and kidneys. Due to the delay in its identification and lack of awareness, it becomes very difficult to control it. People suffering from diabetes have to be more conscious about their food. It is wise to always keep distance from sweet foods, drinks, transfats. A diabetic diet should always be a balanced mix of high fiber food, complex carbs and proteins. There are many herbs and spices that help you fight this disease. For example, fenugreek seeds help in bringing down your increased sugar levels.

10 benefits of aloe vera, give strength to hair, give new glow to skin and reduce obesity According to a study published in Type-2 diabetes can be controlled by drinking 10 grams of warm water of fenugreek seeds daily. The water of fenugreek seeds has the power to reduce the level of blood sugar. It contains a lot of fiber which speeds up the digestion process. Along with this, it also improves the use of sugar by the body.

How to make fenugreek water

You don’t need to make a lot of effort to make fenugreek seeds water. It is very simple. Soak one to one and a half teaspoon fenugreek seeds in a glass of clean water at night. Sieve this water after waking up in the morning and then drink it on an empty stomach.

benefits of fenugreek water

This keeps the blood sugar level of the body under control and prevents diabetes. It is helpful in controlling diabetes or diabetes. A fiber called galactomannan present in fenugreek reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood.

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