Big news for central employees and pensioners

Central employees are going to get good news as soon as the DA and DR increase on the basis of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. According to this good news, the central government may announce a hike in DA and DR at the end of next month, dearness allowance and dearness relief. This increase will be effective from 1 July 2023.

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According to estimates, in the new hike, the central government may increase up to 3% or 4%. The dearness relief increases on the basis of the ICPI data, which is released by the Ministry of Labour. If the increase is 4%, as per the data from January to June, the DA and DR of central employees will reach the level of 46% and 45%, respectively.

This increase will directly benefit more than 1 crore employees and pensioners (7th Pay Commission) of the country. There will be an increase in their salary and pension, which will improve their economic condition.

Along with this, before the good news, it is told that the central government will announce in the cabinet meeting next month that how much will be the increase for the employees. This announcement will be made on the basis of the formula of the Central Government. Therefore, the decision of the hike this time will be the government’s own and will be considered carefully before issuing it.

Despite the information about this hike being prevalent in the news media, no official announcement has been made about the hike this time. So, everyone is waiting for how much hike will be done by the central government for the employees in the next month.

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Looking at this information, one thing is clear that the central government is always ready to give new hikes for the benefit of the employees. By increasing DA and DR, the income of the employees will increase and their economic security will improve. This increase will ensure that the contribution made by the employees and pensioners is valued and their contribution is assessed according to inflation.

Information related to this hike for central employees is awaited and it is expected that the government will make an official announcement in this regard soon. This announcement will prove to be a great news for the employees and will give them a sense of economic prosperity.

Keeping all the above aspects in mind, the determination of 7th Pay Commission and increase in DA-DR is important and top most priority from the Central Government. Their main aim is to make it a reality, to implement it in a legal and clean manner.

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