Puneet Superstar made a shocking statement regarding ‘BB OTT 2’

Puneet Superstar shocking allegations: Salman Khan’s show ‘BB OTT Season 2’ was a huge hit. This season saw some such things which were not seen in the show till date. From the kiss of Zaid and Akanksha to the antics of Puneet. Puneet had troubled all the contestants in the show.

Because of which he was not allowed to stay in Bigg Boss house even for a day. He was evicted from the house within 12 hours. After the end of the show, now he has made many revelations about the makers.

Abhishek and Puneet Superstar came together

BB OTT Season 2 runner up YouTuber Abhishek Malhan along with Bigg Boss contestant Punit Superstar brings something special for the viewers.

YouTuber’s mother Dimple Malhan shared this information from the YouTube channel. By posting the video, he told that both are working together. In this video, Puneet is seen making revelations about the makers of the Bigg Boss show.

abhishek malhan

Puneet Superstar made shocking revelations

Abhishek and Puneet are bringing a video together. In this video, Abhishek Malhan asks Punit about his favorite member in the Bigg Boss house. Responding to which Puneet says that Abhishek is the winner for him. Along with this, he revealed that whatever he did in the Bigg Boss house was done at the behest of the makers.

I was told to act like this

puneet superstar Talking to Abhishek about the makers, he said that ‘He is telling from the heart that whatever he did inside the house, he was asked to do it.

He further says that he was ousted because of domestic politics. They don’t know why they got evicted from Bigg Boss house. But God gave him that in 12 hours which was not given to anyone.

Worst performance of Pooja

Abhishek also told Puneet that there were many such contestants in the house whose followers increased by only two lakhs in two-three months. But his i.e. Puneet increased by three lakhs in a single day. Apart from this, he told the worst performance of Pooja Bhatt in the house.

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