Left IAS job for private job of ₹2250, today managing a company worth Rs 2.60 lakh crore. Daily Hindi News

New Delhi: Who would not like the job of IAS? Along with their salary, their status is also different. Government house, car, all facilities. Everyone wants such a job, but IAS job is not easy. After the tough UPSC exam and training, one can become a collector. With such a tough exam and such status, would anyone want to leave IAS job and do a private job? Surely no one would even think of leaving such a government job and taking up a private job. But RC Bhargava () did this to fulfill his dream. After resigning from the post of Collector, he took up a private job. Who is RC Bhargava? RC Bhargava, who stays away from limelight, is the chairman of India. Before joining Maruti, he had been an IAS officer. Was a topper not only of IAS but also of UPSC. Bhargava is a 1956 batch IAS officer. Bhargava holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Allahabad University. After this he did Master of Arts in Developmental Economics from Williams College, America. After this he started preparing for UPSC. Gave the exam in the year 1956 and topped. Why did he leave the IAS job? After working as an IAS officer for many years, one day he suddenly decided to leave the job. He left the government job and took up a private job. First job was in Maruti Suzuki. At that time his first salary was only Rs 2250. The decision to leave government job and take up a private job was not easy, but Bhargava proved his decision right. In the year 1981, he joined Maruti. Joining the company as an employee, Bhargava so impressed the management with his work that within a few years he became the director of the Maruti Suzuki joint venture. Took over the post of MD in the year 1985. He has remained the chairman of Maruti Suzuki India since 1997. Reached the heights of the company When Bhargava joined Maruti, he was 48 years old, today he is 88 years old. In 40 years, Bhargava has taken the company to new heights. Osamu Suzuki, the owner of Japan’s Suzuki company, said during an interview in 2015 that without Bhargava, his company would not have been successful in India. Where his first salary was only 2250 rupees, today he takes a salary of 1.5 crores every month. Under Bhargava’s leadership, Maruti has crossed the Rs 1 lakh crore revenue mark for the first time. Bhargava has taken the market cap of the company to Rs 2.60 lakh crore.

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