What is e-fuel, how will it be used in the car? Know when it will start

There is a preparation to take the fuel used in vehicles in the country to E-20 (E20) mode by the year 2025. The central government is working fast on this scheme. Last year, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways published a draft notification inviting public feedback on the adoption of E20 fuel and the emission norms it would lead to. The government is adopting large scale emission standards for transportation fuels. This fuel is gasoline in which 20 percent ethanol is added. What is e-fuel and how will it be used in a car? Let us know about it…

E20 fuel is a mixture of 20 percent ethanol with gasoline (petrol). It can be used as an alternative to currently available fuels. The present permissible level of blending is 10 per cent of ethanol.

What is E20 fuel?

India had reached only 5.6 per cent of the blending in 2019. This fuel will help in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons etc. Besides, it will also help in reducing the oil imported, due to which foreign exchange will be saved. Ethanol is a type of fuel. Vehicles can also be driven by this. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that can be mixed with petrol and used as fuel in vehicles.

Ethanol is a biofuel produced from biomass of agricultural products like corn, sugarcane, jute, potato. On adding ethanol, the octane value of petrol increases by 2.5 percent and the capacity of oxygen increases by 3 percent. Due to this, 100 percent burning of petrol takes place in the engine and the smoke coming out also causes less pollution.

what is biofuel

Biofuel is also called green fuel. It is distilled from plant and animal materials. It is believed to be more environmentally friendly than the widely used fossil fuels that power most of the world’s electricity. Biofuel, which is derived from biomass, is considered an environmentally friendly option.

A Transport Ministry official said that we are seriously considering the idea of ​​E-20 compliant vehicle by the year 2025. A senior government official associated with the matter said that the proposal is still being considered. The official said that actually moving ahead with this proposal depends on the availability of ethanol. Along with this, the Ministry of Petroleum has a big role in this.

Work on hydrogen based energy also started

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari called for an integrated approach to develop indigenous fuel cells in the field of electric vehicles some time back. He urged scientists, academia and industry to take advantage of hydrogen based energy, as this energy is cheap and easily available in the country. He pointed to the low cost of solar energy in India that this energy can help provide energy to other forms of fuels.

He said that Indian mining units can acquire component assets globally and take advantage of the opportunities as there is still 49 per cent potential in the region. Gadkari said the new generation batteries will not only reduce vehicle pollution in the country, but will also make India a global supplier of electric vehicles.

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