girls should be given sex education

According to America’s Center for Disease Control, there has been a significant increase in the cases of chemidia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Most of the girls are affected by STD (sexual disease).

How serious the situation is can be gauged from the fact that one in four girls is affected by sexual dysfunction. The main reason for increasing sexual dysfunction among girls is lack of sex education. Even today there are many countries where sex education is not a subject in the school curriculum. Girls aged 13 to 19 are being affected due to lack of sex education. Here we are going to tell you 7 reasons due to which sex education is important for girls.

At present, 51 percent of girls in the age group of 15 to 24 years are victims of sexual dysfunction. In the case of men, this percentage is 49.
According to Know the Facts, by the time they turn 15, 13 percent of girls start experiencing sex and by the time they turn 19, 68 percent of girls start having sex completely. Just looking at this number, the need for sex education is felt.

Most of the girls do not know how sexual disease occurs. Many of these girls feel that sitting on the toilet seat causes sexual diseases. According to a study, more than three million girls are suffering from sexual diseases like chemia, herpes and trich. This number could be higher because diseases like syphilis, HIV, gonorrhea have not been included in the study.

Women are at greater risk of contracting sexual diseases compared to men. Cervical cancer can also occur if sexual dysfunction is not treated in women and it can be difficult to conceive.

Not using a condom or not using it properly can cause more than one sexual disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, 15 percent of girls between 14 and 19 years of age suffer from more than one sexually transmitted disease.

Although if you use condoms, the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases are less, even with how many people you have physical relations with, but according to the Center for Disease Control, this is not the case with young women. Sexual dysfunction has been found in more than 50 percent of young women who have had physical relations with three or more men.

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