Both brothers and sisters will break BJP’s ego: Priyanka Gandhi

In the trend of PM Modi vs Rahul pattern of political enmity, BJP has made a political move to draw a new line by raising the issue of Priyanka vs Rahul. By placing a gun on the shoulder of Robert Vadra, BJP has fired a political missile to create division within the Nehru-Gandhi family.
Robert Vadra said, “I think I will not be able to answer many political things sitting in my office. I should also enter politics. But, whenever my family and party want or say yes, then I will contest elections. I have always felt that the first place in Parliament belongs to Priyanka. He should go first. Priyanka has worked very hard. He should be in the Parliament. I want to step into politics only after Priyanka.
Hitting back at the BJP, Priyanka has tweeted. It is written, “BJP people, is this nonsense issue left in this era of inflation and unemployment? Sorry….but this dream of your little mind will never come true. My brother and I have and will always have only love, trust, respect and loyalty towards each other.”
Priyanka wrote, “By the way, do not panic, we will break the arrogance of your lies, loot and hollow propaganda, together with millions of sisters and brothers of the country. Happy Raksha Bandhan. It is a festival of love between brother and sister, celebrate it with a positive spirit.”
Priyanka’s active electoral role was fueled by the statement of UP Congress state president Ajay Rai. He had said, “Priyanka can contest from whichever seat she wants. We will give our all to make them win.” Asked what message the Congress wants to send by pitting Priyanka against Modi? Rai replied that we want to convey that someone is standing firm in front of the Prime Minister. The party is keen on fielding Priyanka Gandhi from Varanasi. He will soon send a proposal for this to the top leadership of the party.
After Ajay Rai, came the statement of spiritual guru and Congress supporter Acharya Pramod Krishnam. On August 19, he said that if we want to win the elections, we (Congress) should take the help of Priyanka. He should be made the PM candidate.
There should be an election of Modi vs Priyanka. Since it is a question of the country. In such a situation, there is no more popular face in the opposition than Priyanka. There is no match for his credibility, accessibility and popularity. However, soon after this, Chhattisgarh Congress in-charge Kumari Selja clarified that Rahul Gandhi is the face of the Congress.
During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Priyanka’s active role, which sharpened the Congress’s election campaign by staying behind the scenes, was limited to Rae Bareli and Amethi. She looked after the election tour of her mother Sonia and brother Rahul, selection of candidates, media management and other election management.
Then Janardan Dwivedi, the then General Secretary of the Congress and the most trusted and close confidant of the Gandhi family, surprised everyone by making this statement. He had said that in 1990, Rajiv Gandhi had told him that he wished that Priyanka should take over the political legacy. However, other Congress stalwarts had maintained silence regarding this statement.
It is a matter of fact that a large section of Congress supporters were seeing Priyanka as the trump card for election victory. However, Priyanka’s woman card flopped miserably in the 2022 UP assembly elections. After the disappointing performance of Congress, the Himachal election results appropriately answered all the questions being raised about Priyanka’s leadership.
Priyanka played a key role in ousting the BJP from power in Himachal in December last year. In this election, Priyanka alone took charge of the entire election campaign on behalf of the Nehru-Gandhi family. From social media campaign to poster-banners, the entire election campaign focused on Priyanka Gandhi’s face. It was Priyanka who put the final stamp on the selection of the candidates, then within twenty days she defeated the BJP star campaigners by giving a tough fight to the BJP star campaigners by holding seven big election rallies.
After Himachal’s victory, Karnataka’s victory further increased Priyanka’s political stature. In this year’s Karnataka elections, Priyanka faced BJP’s Hindutva issues in a very strict manner. Immediately after the huge electoral success of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi reached the famous Jakhu temple of Shimla where she responded to BJP’s Hindutva move in her own style by offering prayers to Lord Hanuman.
After the tough election contest in two states, the demand for meetings of Priyanka, who scripted the victory of Congress, increased rapidly in many states. There was a demand within the Congress party that Priyanka Gandhi should be given a greater responsibility for furthering the party’s mass base in the coming state assembly elections.
Priyanka, who successfully implemented the election strategy first in Himachal Pradesh and then in Karnataka, is being seen as a trump card for the Congress party in the one-time re-elections. A section of the party believes that Priyanka Gandhi not only connects well with the common people, but is also successful in making inroads by communicating with women voters.
Congress has also prepared a strategy to present Priyanka as a symbol of success in the assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana to be held by the end of this year. According to Congress sources, Priyanka will formally launch the election campaign and will participate in regular meetings and rallies.
In the past, when Priyanka’s big role in the era of disqualification of Rahul Gandhi’s membership of Parliament, Congress leader Uditraj had termed the questions related to it as unnecessary and said that Priyanka Gandhi has an important role, but Rahul Gandhi He is the Supreme Leader and Mallikarjun Kharge is the President of the Congress.
Minister of State for Independent Charge in the Yogi government, Kapil Dev Aggarwal said in this matter, “When someone else got a chance to lead or work in his party, he could not stand it. Even when Manmohan ji was the Prime Minister, the command remained only in the hands of Sonia Gandhi ji. So I think it is natural for there to be dominance in the family. I think Soniaji loves Rahul Gandhi more. The daughter belongs to another house. That’s why Sonia ji feels that Priyanka is the daughter of another house.
Many veteran Congress leaders shied away from talking about this issue saying that it is an internal matter of the Nehru-Gandhi family. It’s a sensitive issue. At the same time, UP Congress state president Ajay Rai said that this is a fabricated story of BJP. Raksha Bandhan is the most pious day of brother and sister. On such days, people are presenting fabricated stories by posting such videos. As of now, it is up to her (Priyanka) to decide whether to contest the election or not.
UP Congress State President Ajay Rai has given a controversial statement regarding Smriti Irani. He said, “Ever since we raised the issue that Rahul is going to contest elections from Amethi, Smriti Irani’s mental balance has deteriorated. She is upset. She has been roaming around for two days and is cursing people. Here
UP Congress state president Ajay Rai has claimed that Rahul Gandhi will contest from Amethi and win. Along with this, he has requested Priyanka Gandhi to contest from Varanasi. Rai took over as the party president on Thursday itself. He said these things in Varanasi.

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