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New Delhi: Before the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has made a big move in Delhi. The Congress has handed over the command of the Congress in the capital to the strong leader of the state. Lovely will take over the new responsibility in place of Anil Chowdhary. The appointment of Arvinder Singh Lovely is being considered as a strategy to revive the organization before the Lok Sabha elections. Arvinder Singh Lovely has held the responsibility of education to tourism ministry in the Sheila Dixit government for 15 years. After the appointment of Lovely before the elections, on what strategy is the Aadmi Party and CM Arvind Kejriwal moving forward. Lovely has already held the responsibility of state president. Part of Congress’ new strategy? There is talk of an alliance between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress in Delhi. Both the parties are part of the opposition Alliance India. Meanwhile, state Congress leader Alka Lamba had said that the party has asked the workers to be ready on all the seats. After this, swords were drawn between Aam Aadmi Party and Congress. However, later an attempt was made by Congress to control the damage. In such a situation, Lovely has now been made the state president by Congress. Political experts believe that Congress wants to contest the Lok Sabha elections by completely strengthening its organization. Arvind Singh Lovely has been a strong leader of Delhi with a good foothold in the Sikh community. Lovely is considered to have a good influence in the Sikh community. The Sikh community has an important role in Delhi. In such a situation, the party wants to cultivate this class through the appointment of Lovely. Arvind Singh Lovely has been the Minister of Education, Urban Development, Tourism and Transport in the Sheila Dixit government. Arvinder Singh Lovely has been MLA of Congress for 4 times. For the first time in 1998, he became MLA from Gandhi Nagar, Delhi. In 2019, Arvind Singh Lovely also contested the Lok Sabha elections from East Delhi. Had joined BJP in 2017 Arvinder Singh Lovely had joined BJP in 2017 before the municipal elections. It is believed that he had taken this step after being neglected in the party. However, his journey with BJP did not last long. Within just a year, he had returned home to the party. Returning to the Congress, Lovely said that I was an ideological misfit there. I left the party in pain. Lovely had decided to return to the party after meeting Rahul Gandhi.

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