Why do women have problem of insomnia, know the reason, is it not a sleep disorder?

Health Tips: Why do women have problem of insomnia, know the reason, is it not a sleep disorder?

Sleep problems in women: Good sleep is closely related to mental and physical health. If you get enough sleep, your mind will work sharp and many health related problems will remain away from your body. Many studies have found that sleep-related problems bother women more than men. The biggest reason for this could be hormonal changes. So if you are also struggling with sleeping problems (SleepingProblems in Women) then you should know these things…

How much sleep should women get?

According to Women’s Health, you can keep your mind and body healthy by getting enough sleep. Your body heals itself when you sleep. But if you are suffering from restless leg syndrome then it becomes difficult to sleep. In such a situation, lack of sleep can have a negative impact on mental health. Therefore, women should sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours to keep themselves fresh throughout the day. Rest becomes even more important during pregnancy. New moms also need a good night’s sleep.

3 reasons why women have sleep problems

1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). In this problem, there is no sleep throughout the night due to periods, which can cause depression in women.

2. Pregnancy may cause sleep problems. In fact, in the third trimester, women are unable to sleep well due to leg cramps, difficulty in sleeping and frequent trips to the bathroom.

3. Women may complain of insomnia due to perimenopause. In this, sleep is not complete due to feeling hot at night and excessive sweating.

How to Identify a Sleep Disorder

If you are troubled by insomnia and you think that you have become a victim of sleep disorder, then you can detect it from some symptoms. Insomnia despite trying hard, sudden difficulty in breathing while sleeping, shortness of breath during sleep, frequent leg movements, problem of snoring, frequent toilet visits at night, feeling fresh in the morning, insomnia. There are symptoms of sleep disorder. In this case, the doctor should be contacted immediately.

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