Its consumption is like a boon for constipation and stones, definitely read it once.

Live Hindi news (Health Corner) :- Constipation and stones must be consumed by consuming it. By consuming it you will get rid of chronic constipation and stones, so let us know its complete information.

Its consumption is like a boon for constipation and stones, definitely read it once.

Cub and stones is a disease which makes our body hollow from inside. Stones and constipation force the inside of our stomach and our intestines to weaken, and due to this our body starts deteriorating completely. And due to which our entire body stops doing even the daily tasks, so let us know, what should we consume to get rid of stones and constipation,

Bathua ka saag

Bathua ka saag is considered a panacea for stones and constipation. And by consuming it one gets relief from constipation and stones very soon. Because Bathua is rich in many types of medicines. And many types of iron, vitamins, calcium are found in abundance in it. Which gradually eliminates the stones accumulated in our kidneys. If you boil the bathua in a cup of water, filter it, add one spoon of salt and consume it every day, it will kill the worms in your stomach and will also eliminate constipation and stones.

Those who eat Bathua Saag must watch this video once / Good Information about Bathua Saag - YouTube

Consuming Bathua also cures diseases like urinary bladder and urination. If you have ringworm, itching, boils or white spots or white discharge in women. Badua is considered very effective for that also. Consuming Bathua also provides relief from bad breath, mouth cancer and other mouth related problems. Therefore, we must consume Bathua twice a week. This is one panacea to eliminate all the diseases of our body from the root.

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