Only women will get entry in these parks of Delhi, men are banned

How many times have you visited Delhi’s park? Maybe too many times for peace and quiet! But when there is only so much crowd there, then nothing is left for the person except to return home. These parks built in the capital are mostly surrounded by couples and groups of friends. Meaning, there would hardly be any such garden, where the crowd of people is not seen. But maybe now women can roam freely.

Yes, the corporation officials had proposed to Kejriwal ji to build a park, after seeing which he liked it a lot. If everyone agrees on this, then work on this can be started soon. Let us tell you about the facilities of Pink Park made for women.

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There is still a pink park on this road.

According to a report, a ‘Pink Park’ has also been made on the pilot project on Mata Sundari Road and children up to the age of one year can also go to have fun along with women visiting the parks. According to him, efforts are on to adopt a similar model in other wards as well.

These facilities are going to be available in pink park

According to the MCD, all the ‘pink parks’ being built will have toilets, CCTV cameras, gym facilities and graffiti on the walls so that women can get a comfortable place to sit and get up and do not get bored of seeing the surroundings. This initiative is being launched to provide better and safer places for women in public parks.

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There are 15 thousand parks in MCD area

There are some 15,000 parks under the jurisdiction of MCD, some of them are historical parks like Subhash Park, Roshanara Bagh, Qudsia Bagh and many other parks are very old. According to the report, the plan to build a park for women is not new, Zenana Park and Curtain Garden are also in existence from the colonial period.

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​Many things will also be made for children in Pink Park​

The first pink park is located on Hamdard road near Ranjit Singh flyover, this park is very small. In view of this, now pink parks will be made bigger, their scope will also be much bigger. The park will also have walking tracks and swings for children. Let me tell you, the color of the walls of Pink Park will be pink, so apart from this, the gym equipment will also remain pink tomorrow.

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