Make this offering on the day of Tulsi Vivah, the puja will be complete.

Make this offering on the day of Tulsi Vivah, the puja will be complete.

In Hindu religion, not only the Tulsi plant is considered sacred and revered, but Goddess Lakshmi also has special significance on this day. Worshiping Tulsi brings happiness and prosperity in the house. This year the festival of Tulsi Vivah is being celebrated on 24th November. On this day people worship Tulsi ji in their homes and Tulsi is also worshiped along with the Shaligram form of Vishnu. On this day, the Tulsi plant is decorated with red chundri, chulla and ornaments and Shaligram is tied with the help of thread. Both are spread with rice and vermilion and Prasad is distributed to all those present at the puja. If it is about offering to Shri Narayan and Mata Lakshmi, then they like white things in offering. This is why white colored items are offered to him on this day. If you also want to make bhog at home for Tulsi Vivah, then you can try Malai Pandani recipe. So know what ingredients you need.

Ingredients of Malai Penda

  • 1/2 kg butter
  • 60 grams ghee
  • 1/2 kg sugar
  • cardamom powder as per taste

Learn the method of making Malai Penda

To make Malai Penda, first take mawa. For this you keep boiling and stirring the milk. After this, take ghee and flour together in a pan and fry it while stirring continuously. – Now add cardamom powder to it and let it cool. – Let all these ingredients cool and mix sugar in it. – Now prepare the bottom by giving it the desired shape. Your prey is ready. God will be pleased with this sacrifice.

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