Up: Four Daughters Of Jain Families Will Leave Doorstep And Teach Values ​​To People

Four daughters of Jain families will leave doorstep and teach values ​​to people

daughters of bundelkhand
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In the digital age, youth are addicted to social media. In the era of reels, memes, likes, comments and shares, youth are turning away from values. At the same time, the daughters of Bundelkhand have set out to improve the lives of others, away from the modern glare.

These daughters have left their homes to teach values ​​to the people. Aryika Vishashree Mataji will impart Aryika Diksha to these daughters of prestigious families of Jain community on 16th December in Kolkata.

The daughters will become Sadhvis and follow the principles and rules of Jainism and spread the values ​​across the country. These days, Binauli Yatra is being taken out from various places of these daughters. During this time, the daughters are apologizing to the society for the mistakes made in their family life.

Shiva, who has done BCA, will become a Jain Sadhvi.

Shiva Jain, elder daughter of Mahendra Nayak, resident of Banpur, Lalitpur, is going to take initiation from Aryika Mata Visashree. Shiva Didi’s father Mahendra Nayak tells that in the year 2011, Acharya Vishuddha Sagar Maharaj and Aryika Visashree Mataji had organized the Panchkalyanak festival in Banpur.

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