Tigress seen caressing her cubs, tourists captured the scene on camera

With the return of cold in Madhya Pradesh, tigers are being seen continuously in the Tiger Reserve. As soon as the sun rises amid the cool morning breeze, the tigress sets out on a walk with her cubs. After which everyone sits at the place to sunbathe. While on one side the tigress spends her relaxing moments, on the other side the cubs are seen having fun. Such an exciting scene has emerged from two tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh.

Inderpal Singh, Narmadapuram. During the jungle safari in the Bori range of the Satpura Tiger Reserve located in the district, the tourists were thrilled when they saw a happy family of tigers. Tourists captured this scene in their cameras and made it viral. In the viral video, the tigress was seen with three children. While the tigress was pampering a child, two children were seen having fun.

Satpura Tiger Reserve is bustling with tourists throughout the year. Tourists enjoy nature here. Along with this, they also get to see some such moments of tigers which give relief after seeing them. Something similar was seen in this video where the tigress sat on the bank of the pond with her cubs.

Nishant Rajput, Seoni. In Pench National Park in Seoni district, tourists saw three cubs of a tigress together in the Rukhar buffer area. The tourists were thrilled to see the movement of the tigress and the cubs. After which he captured this scene in his camera. Let us tell you that people not only from the country but also from abroad come to Pench Tiger Reserve to see the tigers.

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