Australian player Mitchell Marsh insulted the World Cup, posed for a photo with his feet on the trophy, then Priyanka Chopra’s sister reprimanded her.

Mitchell Marsh: The final of ‘World Cup 2023’ was played between India and Australia at ‘Narendra Modi Stadium’ in Ahmedabad on Sunday, 19 November. In which the Indian team had to face a crushing defeat and Australia, a five-time champion, won the World Cup title for the sixth time. Although it is common to be proud of the victory, but an Australian cricketer crossed all limits and stepped on the World Cup trophy, for which he is being trolled a lot. Let us tell you the whole matter.

Mitchell Marsh sets foot on the World Cup trophy

When Australia won the World Cup title, a player of the team broke the wall of decorum. Let us tell you that Australia team captain Pat Cummins shared a picture of Mitchell Marsh on social media in which he is looking at the ‘World Cup 2023’ trophy with his feet on it, with a drink in his hand. Are coming. Due to this, this cricketer is being criticized a lot.

Users trolled

Indian fans have been hurt by this action of Mitchell Marsh and have scolded him fiercely. However, some cricket fans also say that this is their day and it is their trophy so they can use it however they want. If they want, they can urinate on it and crush it under their feet. However, it is generally not considered appropriate to treat trophies in this manner.

We have seen pictures of many players from Australia, who are holding him above their head or kissing him. Great footballer Lionel Messi has been seen sleeping with the World Cup trophy, but it is wrong for Mitchell Marsh to act like this. No matter what happens in your culture, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by anyone. A user named Arvind Chotia wrote on X, “The West definitely developed, but civilization did not come. The one whose head is placed on the forehead will surely feel regret after seeing him under the feet, but what to do?

At the same time, Pramod Kumar Singh has written about Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh with the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy. He won the trophy, but not the respect. A person named Indra wrote, “Someone who did not deserve the World Cup got the trophy, like Mitchell Marsh, and someone who deserved it did not get the trophy, like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. ” At the same time, a user named Vasili Bhai wrote, “Marsh set his foot on the World Cup. A huge insult to the World Cup and the ICC. ICC should pay attention to this.”

Actress Meera Chopra took kangaroo class

Australian cricketer Mitchell Marsh setting foot on the World Cup trophy is displeasing to everyone. Now Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra’s cousin sister Meera Chopra has also reprimanded the cricketer for his actions. Mira Chopra has insulted Mitchell Marsh’s World Cup trophy by sharing it on her X account. Tagging the cricketer, he wrote in the post – Karma is a Bitch!!

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India’s problems reduced in T20 series, this dreaded Australian batsman left the team and returned to his country.

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