Entertainment: Once again Rakhi Sawant will take wild card entry in Bigg Boss, will husband Adil Durrani also be seen?

Bigg Boss 17: New dramas are seen every day in Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 17. The members present in the show are entertaining the audience. Recently Naved Sol got eliminated from the show. In such a situation, discussions have started regarding wild card entry in the show.

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Will Rakhi Sawant enter Bigg Boss?

Rakhi Sawant remains in the news every day. Nowadays she is making headlines for her relationship with her husband Adil. People get to see the drama of both of them on social media. In such a situation, a news related to Rakhi is coming out. According to reports, there is going to be a wild card entry in Bigg Boss show.

According to the report, once again Rakhi Sawant can enter Bigg Boss house as a contestant. Along with Rakhi, there are reports of her husband Adil Durrani also entering the house. However, no official announcement has been made yet regarding this.

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Rakhi has appeared many times in Bigg Boss

Rakhi Sawant and Bigg Boss have a very old relationship. The drama queen has been a part of the show for many seasons. Rakhi has appeared in seasons one, 14 and 15 of Bigg Boss. Let us tell you that Rakhi often remains a topic of discussion on soil media regarding her personal life.

Rakhi secretly married Adil Khan Durrani

After Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi was in a relationship with Adil Khan Durrani. Both of them also got married secretly. But this relationship did not last long. Rakhi made serious allegations against Adil like domestic violence and cheating.

A police complaint was also lodged against Adil. Adil also remained in jail for several months. As soon as Adil came out of jail, he also made many allegations against Rakhi.

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