Mahaparva Chhath concludes in Pilibhit, fast completed with offering to the rising sun, devotees gathered at the ghats

The four-day Chhath festival ended on Monday after offering Arghya to the rising sun. As soon as dawn broke on Monday in Pilibhit, devotees started reaching the reservoir near Barha railway crossing. People were bringing baskets of Prasad on their heads. After reaching the reservoir, the fasting women stood in the water and offered Arghya to the rising sun. In Lakhimpur Kheri, people of Purvanchal community completed their worship by offering Arghya to Lord Bhaskar. During this time, songs of Chhath Maiya kept resonating on the ghats.

The families of Purvanchal living in the railway colony in the city celebrate Chhath festival with pomp. Even before the sun rose, a crowd of Chhath devotees had gathered at the ghat located at Barha Gate to offer Arghya to the rising sun. The family members of the fasting people were carrying baskets of Prasad on their heads. Lamps were burning over the soup kept in the basket. Chhath Mata was worshiped with proper rituals. Women, children and men offered fruits, vegetables, sweets and lit lamps on the altars built on the ghat and worshiped.

36 hours waterless fast completed

As soon as the sun rose, the fasting women offered Arghya and worshiped. With this, fasting women became accustomed to fasting for 36 hours without water. With this, the four-day long Mahaparva Chhath came to an end. During this, the fasting women applied tilak to the men and the men applied vermilion on the forehead of the women. Also wished for long life of marriage. During this, the people of Purvanchal wished each other for the festival.

The flavor of scattered Bhojpuri songs

After offering Arghya to the Sun at the conclusion of Chhath Mahotsav, children, women and men of families living in Purvanchal and Bihar danced vigorously on the songs of Chhath Maiya. After breaking the fast, women sang songs of Chhath Maiya. The atmosphere became devotional with the hymns of Chhath Maiya.

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