The season of vegetables has arrived, these tips will be useful for both health and taste…

Winter Season Vegetables: The season of vegetables has arrived, these tips will be useful for both health and taste…

Winter Season Vegetables: As soon as winter arrives, different types of vegetables start becoming available in the market. There are some ways of making them such that even children can clean the plates easily. These are also very beneficial for health. These not only increase immunity but also strengthen bones.

When it comes to greens, sometimes it seems like a lot of work because sorting, picking, cutting and preparing leaves becomes a long process. Today let us know about some methods by which saag can be prepared easily and tasty.

Divide the work into pieces (Winter Season Vegetables)

If you want to prepare saag or any green vegetable, some pre-preparation is necessary. You can break the entire process into pieces. Wash and clean the vegetables and keep them in advance. Keep only the work of chopping and cooking on the day it is to be made. This will make the work a little lighter. Most of the time is spent in sorting the green leaves.

Prepare by boiling (Winter Season Vegetables)

If there is no time for chopping, then it can also be prepared by boiling. For this, remove only the thick stalk at the back of spinach or radish leaves and wash the entire greens thoroughly. Bring it to boil and grind it. This makes the work easier. Later, when the vegetable is prepared by adding all the spices, it tastes better. Don’t forget to sprinkle it on top. Read More – Urfi Javed seen in back lace top

Try this recipe (Winter Season Vegetables)

  1. It can be mixed with many pulses to make saag. Make it by adding spinach and bathua to it. Add greens along with your favorite dal and serve after sprinkling it on top.
  2. Use the puree of green vegetables as a vegetable and after the vegetable is prepared, add spinach or potato or cabbage pieces as per your choice and cook it.
  3. Make Bhujia by mixing spinach, radish leaves and cabbage leaves, people will keep licking their fingers. When the vegetable is ready, sprinkle rice flour or a little baska on top. Your dry greens will give a different level of taste.
  4. The combination of bathua and spinach also tastes very good in vegetables and dal. Use it in authentic Punjabi saag also.
  5. You can also make puri, paratha or roti by mixing spinach and bathua in flour. In this way even children eat green vegetables and do not make faces.
  6. Use bathua to make raita. This gives the benefits of both curd and bathua. You can also knead the dough by finely chopping bathua and spinach and mixing it with flour. Fenugreek can also be added to it. Its parathas look very tasty.
  7. While making flour of leaves, add some gram flour, celery, curd, turmeric, salt, ghee, coriander and chilli in it. These parathas are a complete meal in themselves. Serve them with curd, pickle or chutney.
  8. If you want to feed spinach to children, make gravy with white sauce and add some cheese to make any dish. They will eat the entire vegetable. You can add corn to it, add cheese and make anything from sandwich to vegetable.

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