The couple was bathing together in the river when a monkey jumped on them, ruined their condition

These days a video has surfaced which has surprised people after seeing it. In the video, the monkey did something to the couple, the video of which started going viral on the internet. You must have seen monkeys creating terror in many videos going viral on social media. Many times they run away with someone’s glasses and sometimes they start looking at government documents. The video going viral on social media is something similar. In which, troubled by the terror of monkeys, a boy starts running out of the river in a half-naked state. In the video going viral, it can be seen that a boy and a girl are romancing while bathing in the river. Meanwhile, a monkey reaches them and stands on the bank of the river. He gets angry after seeing the couple bathing, after this it is seen that the girl gets completely scared after seeing the monkey like this. She runs away horrified and the boy remains standing there. The boy stands in the water but after some time the monkey suddenly jumps into the water and sits on the boy’s shoulder. In panic the boy starts shouting loudly and starts running out of the water. During this time, a crowd of people gather around and everyone is seen laughing. On the other hand, seeing the boy running, the monkey again starts running after him. By the time the video ends, it is seen that the monkey is chasing the boy.

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