The girl had gone to the toilet at the petrol pump, the miscreants kidnapped her on a bike and took her away.

Gwalior: Voting for assembly elections took place in Madhya Pradesh just three days ago. Due to this, claims are being made about strict security arrangements in the entire state, but these claims were blown to pieces in broad daylight in Gwalior. Two miscreants who came riding on a bike forcefully abducted a girl who had gone to the toilet at a petrol pump and fled away. CCTV footage of this incident has surfaced, in which this shocking incident is clearly visible. Madhya Pradesh Police has started searching for the miscreants on the basis of this video. This incident happened at Naka Chandravani Petrol Pump at around 8.50 am on Monday. In the CCTV video obtained from the petrol pump, it is seen that the victim, a 19-year-old girl dressed in black, is being dragged to the petrol pump by a man wearing a mask. Meanwhile, another person wearing a mask comes there with a bike. The first person picks up the girl and forcibly makes her sit on the bike. He himself tries to sit behind the girl, but by then the driver speeds away the bike. On this, the scoundrel, while holding the girl, runs away on the bike till outside the petrol pump. From there they run away taking the girl on the bike. During this time, many people were filling oil in their vehicles at the petrol pump, but even after seeing all this, they did not try to rescue the girl.

The family of the girl who was abducted told the police that they had reached Gwalior on Monday morning itself. Leaving the family at the bus stop, the girl along with a small child had gone to the nearest petrol pump to use toilet. During this time this incident happened. The small child who was with the girl came running back to them and told them that someone had taken away their sister. A family member told that I saw a person running behind the bike. The victim was not even sitting properly on the bike. Other people present at the petrol pump also heard his screaming, but no one came to help.

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