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New Delhi: Has issued a stern warning to the Delhi government on Tuesday. The court expressed displeasure with him in the matter related to the (RRTS) project. Delhi government had promised to provide funds for the RRTS project. Despite assurance in the Supreme Court, funds were not released. The Supreme Court is angry about this. The court has ordered the government to pay Rs 415 crore within a week. It has also been said that if the order is not followed then money will be given by banning the advertisement budget of Delhi government. The next date of hearing in this case has been fixed for November 28. The case is being heard by the bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia. The court has given a clear ultimatum that if the money is not given, its order will be implemented. NCRTC had approached the court for not releasing the funds despite the court order. The court pulled up and warned of a ban on its advertising budget. Even in the last hearing, the Supreme Court had given a warning. On July 24, the Supreme Court had cornered the Delhi government for not paying Rs 415 crore. He had said that if this amount was not given then his advertising budget would be attached. Delhi government’s advertising budget for the last three years was Rs 1,100 crore. At the same time, this year’s budget is Rs 550 crore. On July 24, the Supreme Court had said that if the Delhi government can allocate Rs 1100 crore for advertising in three years, then funds for infrastructure projects are also necessary. BJP has referred to the Supreme Court’s decision in the fund case for RRTS as Kejriwal. It has been termed as a big slap on the face of the government. He has said that despite giving assurance in the Supreme Court, the Kejriwal government did not release funds for RRTS. Delhi government considers only false propaganda as a model of development. Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, Delhi BJP Secretary Bansuri Swaraj and Delhi State Spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor held a joint press conference on the Supreme Court’s decision and strongly criticized the Kejriwal government. BJP attacked Ramveer Singh Bidhuri saying that the Supreme Court The strict action of the court is a slap on the face of Delhi government. This also makes it known what are the priorities of the Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi. This government is running solely on the basis of false propaganda. There is no development work in its model. Bidhuri said that even in July, after being reprimanded by the Supreme Court, the Delhi government had assured that it would provide its share of funds for the rail transit transport system being built between Delhi and Meerut. Will give. Even then the Delhi government had said that it did not have funds and the Supreme Court had warned of confiscating the advertising budget. Bidhuri said that the surprising thing is that the Delhi government did not even fulfill the assurance given in the court. And did not release this year’s share of Rs 565 crore for this project. This is also contempt of court. This also shows how autocratic and illegal the Delhi government is working. That is why now the court has had to decide that if it does not release the funds within a week, its advertising budget will be confiscated. On November 28, the Delhi government will have to tell in the court what it has done in this direction. Bidhuri said that this is not the first time that the Delhi government has been so negligent regarding development projects. Actually, construction projects are not in the development model of Delhi government. In the model of Delhi government, only advertisement i.e. false propaganda is considered as development. Delhi government also did not contribute its share in the construction work of peripheral roads. After this, the Delhi government did not give its 20 percent share in the Pragati Maidan Tunnel which was built for Rs 1,000 crore. Despite this, Modi’s government completed these construction works keeping in mind the interests of Delhi. He further said that Delhi government always makes the excuse that it does not have funds. The total cost of Delhi Meerut Project is Rs 30,274 crore and the surprising thing is that Delhi Government has to pay only Rs 1,180 crore which is only 3 percent of the total. This year Delhi government owes Rs 565 crore. On the other hand, Delhi government’s advertising budget this year itself is Rs 550 crore. The advertising budget of Delhi government for the last three years is Rs 1100 crore. The Supreme Court itself has said this. That is why the Supreme Court has reprimanded the Delhi government that it has money for advertisements but not for development works. Bidhuri said that after this tough decision of the Supreme Court, now the Delhi government will be forced to give this fund. But this has also opened the eyes of the public and it has come to know how this government is misleading it with false propaganda. Bansuri Swaraj also targeted Delhi BJP Secretary Bansuri Swaraj said that it is very unfortunate that To get the elected Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi to work, the Supreme Court has to scold them. He said that on July 24, 2023, the Supreme Court remarked that the Kejriwal government of Delhi has raised its hands in the air. Kejriwal government did not pay its share in important projects like RRTS (which can solve Delhi’s traffic problem and control pollution). Bansuri Swaraj said that today the Supreme Court has again reprimanded the Kejriwal government. Making a scathing attack, he said that the Kejriwal government is a useless, excused, propagandist and government involved in corruption which does not take care of Delhi.

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