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Samvad News Agency, Jhansi

Updated Mon, 20 Nov 2023 10:40 PM IST

Jhansi. The matter of Composite School Takeri has now reached the Commissioner. The pension case of the headmaster who retired from the school seven months ago has not been resolved. Now BSA has formed a three-member committee to investigate the matter.

Sabbir, former headmaster of Takori, a composite school in Baragaon, was suspended after receiving a complaint in the MDM. A few days later the headmaster was reinstated. But due to financial irregularities, no other teacher of the school took charge of the post of headmaster. Seven months have passed but neither any teacher is in charge of the financial charge of the school, nor has the pension of the former headmaster been released. Nor was any investigation report prepared on complaints and irregularities. When a complaint was made to the Commissioner in this matter, the Commissioner instructed AD Basic to resolve the matter. After this, AD Basic stopped the salary of Block Education Officer, Table In-charge of BSA, Baragaon Block. Now BSA Neelam Yadav has asked to form a three-member committee and prepare the report of the entire episode. According to BSA Neelam Yadav, the former headmaster has been asked many times to pay the full financial charge, but due to internal disputes in the school, the former headmaster is not ready to give the charge to the present in-charge headmaster.

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