Enraged over Team India’s defeat in the final, fans demonstrated, pelted the posters of Kohli-Rohit with sticks, raised slogans of ‘Hi-Hi’

VIDEO: Enraged over Team India's defeat in the final, fans demonstrated, pelted the posters of Kohli-Rohit with sticks, raised slogans of 'Hi-Hi'

The pain of Team India’s shameful defeat against Australia in the World Cup 2023 final is not being forgotten by the fans. 2 days have passed since the end of this tournament. But in every way the discussion about only Rohit Sharma and Company continues. The topic of discussion among the stalwarts from social media to TV news channels is that where did India go wrong? Despite winning 10 consecutive matches, Australia defeated India in the final. Meanwhile, a shocking video has surfaced. In which some Indian fans have come out on the streets and are insulting the big players of Team India. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Fans protesting against Indian team’s defeat in the final

In fact, on November 19, the last final match of the World Cup 2023 was played between India and Australia in Ahmedabad. The chances of the Indian team winning the match were said to be 100 percent. Because India’s winning streak was continuous from the beginning till the end. The team captained by Rohit Sharma had won 10 matches unbeaten and it was time to enjoy the fruits of their hard work only in the finals. But the Kangaroo team turned the tables and shattered the hopes of all the Indians and took the trophy with them by registering a tremendous victory in the World Cup 2023. The biggest hero of this victory was Travis Head.

At the same time, Team India’s top order, middle order and lower order also flopped. India’s batting in 10 was amazing. But apart from Rohit, Virat and KL, not a single batsman played in the final. Rohit Sharma had given a bright start. Despite this, apart from Virat, no batsman in the middle order bothered to score runs. KL Rahul definitely scored 66 runs but he played 49 dot balls. India had to bear the brunt of this and lost the match. In such a situation, the anger of the fans is at its peak. Which can be estimated by watching the viral video.

Slogans raised against the Indian team

India-8 (1)

After the World Cup 2023, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which some Indian cricket lovers are standing in groups on the streets. During this time, posters of big players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja are visible in the hands of the people present here. For which Team India is raising slogans of ‘Hi-Hi’.

Some people are attacking the posts with sticks. Whereas such a post was also seen on which it is written Team India, Hi Hi Shameless, be ashamed and die by drowning in water. However, our website does not confirm when, where and how much truth is there in this video. But, after seeing this, some users got angry.

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