Increase in employment in the month of September, lakhs of new members joined EPFO

Employment: Increase in employment in the month of September, lakhs of new members joined EPFO

Employment in September 2023: There is good news regarding employment in the organized sector. Employees Provident Fund Organization has added 17.21 lakh subscribers in September 2023. According to data released by EPFO, employment in the organized sector has increased with 21,475 more members in September compared to August. 38,262 more customers were added this month compared to September 2022.

youth are getting employment

According to the data released by the Labor Ministry, a total of 8.92 lakh new members have joined EPFO ​​in September 2023. The special thing is that most of the new joining members are youth. Of the new people joining this month, 58.92 percent are in the age group of 18 to 25. In such a situation, it is clear that the youth of the country are getting more and more employment and new entrants are mostly getting employment for the first time.

Reduction in the number of people leaving EPFO ​​from June 2023

EPFO data also shows that a total of 11.93 lakh people have left EPFO ​​and rejoined it. These are the people who have changed their jobs. If we talk about people leaving EPFO ​​in September 2023, then these are 3.64 lakh subscribers. In such a situation, there has been a huge decrease of 12.17 percent in the number of people leaving the job this month. These figures are even more encouraging because the number of people leaving jobs has been continuously declining since June this year.

The states where youth have got the maximum number of jobs include Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Haryana, whose combined share is 57.42 percent. Maharashtra alone’s share in this is 20.42 percent. Talking about women’s participation, out of total 8.92 lakh new members, 2.26 lakh are women. Whereas the total number of female subscribers joining in September 2023 is 3.30 lakh.

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