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The drunken youth had troubled the elderly couple so much that they spent the entire journey crying.

Justice was not given from RPF, the accused youth was released from the police station itself.

The investigation team had also given clean chit to RPF, the scientist had expressed his displeasure

Amar Ujala Bureau

Jhansi. How big a crime is it to urinate on someone? Anyone would say…inhuman, disgusting and heinous. But the Railways considered it merely a matter of filth in the railway area. Whereas it was related to someone’s identity. It was against the dignity of that elderly scientist who had given so many precious years of his talent to the country. When RPF did not realize their pain, Amar Ujala raised this issue. Gave words to their pain, rules and regulations and the seriousness of the crime. Finally the law took the first step towards justice. The one who plays with the honor and dignity of an elderly scientist and his wife by urinating on them will now go to jail.

The elderly couple had only told the young man that son, do not drink alcohol. Due to this you can become vulnerable to many diseases. This very thing made this young man from Delhi, Ritesh, feel so bad that he started fighting. At that time the situation was such that the scientist and his wife traveled crying. At that time when we spoke to him over phone, he was saying that Railways should have taken strict action. So that the behavior that happened to us in the train does not happen to anyone else. He even said that there should be a provision for strict punishment in such crimes. Understanding the plight of the elderly couple, Amar Ujala launched the campaign. Our effort was to ensure that the culprit gets strict action. But Railways and RPF kept whitewashing. The investigation committee that was formed had also given a clean chit to the RPF. But today, understanding the seriousness of this entire matter, the court not only increased the sections but also sent the accused to jail.

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