The pace of paddy procurement slowed down in the district

The pace of paddy procurement slowed down in the district

Dhamtari, 21 November (HS). Paddy procurement at support price started in the state and districts from November 1. Meanwhile, Diwali festival and voting took place, hence the procurement at all the 100 centers remained closed continuously for a whole week. 21 days of purchase have been completed, but satisfactory purchase has not been made. Due to closure of paddy procurement at support price for several days due to government holidays for Diwali and voting, the pace of procurement has slowed down. In 21 days of procurement, only six and a half lakh quintals of paddy has been purchased from 19050 farmers, which is less as compared to last year. Now there is a possibility of increase in procurement. According to the information received from the District Nodal Officer office, till now a total of six lakh 65 thousand 759 quintals of thick, thin and sarona paddy has been purchased in all the centers from 19050 farmers, which is the same as last year. is less in comparison. According to the society managers, 30 to 35 lakh quintals of paddy was to be purchased by now, which has not happened.

This will have a direct impact on purchases. Only by increasing the pace of procurement will we be able to purchase paddy from registered farmers within the stipulated time. The time for purchasing in the district is fixed till the last month of January. It is noteworthy that now there will not be many government holidays, hence there is a possibility of increase in paddy purchase at support price. One week after the start of paddy purchase at support price, the purchase of paddy at support price started through biometric machines in all the centers of the district. happened. Servers are fine in the shopping centers operated in the city and nearby villages, but there are server problems in Vananchal and Duban areas. In such a situation, it is taking time to purchase paddy from every farmer. When the server is up, it takes two minutes to purchase paddy from a farmer, but when the server is down, it takes 10 to 15 minutes, which is no less than a problem. However, the senior officials who came for inspection from Raipur headquarters recently have been informed about the server problem.

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