Kavya Maran is infatuated with India’s biggest enemy, ready to buy up to Rs 30 crore in auction

Kavya Maran: Sunrisers Hyderabad owner Kavya Maran has started preparations for the IPL 2024 auction, in which she has decided to include India’s biggest enemy player in her team. have taken. For which he is ready to bid up to Rs 30 crore. So let us know who is that player about whom Kavya Maran is so curious.

All the teams have started preparations for IPL 2024.

Actually, IPL 2024 can be organized in the month of March or April next year, for which the auction of players is to be held in December. Before which all the IPL teams have to submit the list of their released and retained players to BCCI by 26th November, due to which all the teams had their eyes fixed on the World Cup. One of those teams was Sunrisers Hyderabad, whose owner Kavya Maran has completed the search for the best player for her team.

Kavya Maran completed her quest!

According to information received in media reports, Kavya Maran has decided to make Australian batsman Travis Head a part of her team for IPL 2024, who played in the final match of the World Cup 2023. Played the biggest role in defeating India.

According to the report, Kavya is ready to bid up to Rs 30 crore for him. However, nothing has been said officially about this yet, hence it is too early to say anything. But seeing the performance shown by Travis Head in the final, he is sure to be sold for crores.

Travis Head becomes India’s biggest enemy!

Let us tell you that Travis Head had played a brilliant inning of 137 runs against India in the final match, due to which Australia won the match very easily. This is why many fans consider Head their biggest enemy. Many fans are also appreciating his excellent performance. Let us tell you that Travis Head played 6 matches in the 2023 World Cup, in which he scored 329 runs with 2 centuries. Thanks to his brilliant batting, Australia has won the trophy for the sixth time.

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