Know the benefits of highly effective Charoli

Charoli or Chironji is used in making many types of sweets. Charoli is considered very beneficial for health and many nutrients are found in it, which are very beneficial for health. Charoli is rich in protein, vitamin C and B and these elements prove to be very beneficial for health.

Benefits associated with eating Charoli –
get relief from cold

In case of cold and cough, consume Charoli. By eating this the cold will be completely cured. You put a glass of milk on the gas to heat it and put some Charoli inside it. When this milk boils well, turn off the gas, cool it slightly and drink it. By drinking Charoli milk, cold will disappear completely.

In case of acne, apply Charoli on your face. By applying Charoli your acne will be completely cured. To prepare Charoli paste, take orange juice, mix Charoli powder in it and apply this paste on the face. Leave this paste on the face for 15 minutes and when it dries, clean it by rubbing it gently. By applying this paste on your face thrice a week, the pimples on your face will be completely cured and you will get relief from the problem of pimples.

relieve itching
Most of the people complain of itching during the summer season. People also try different types of remedies to get relief from itching. But still they are not able to get relief from itching. If you also suffer from itching then use Charoli. Applying Charoli on the skin will provide relief from itching.

To prepare Charoli paste, you will need 100 grams of Charoli and rose water. Take Charoli, grind it and add rose water to its powder. After this, apply this paste on the itchy area. By applying this paste on the itchy area for a few days, you will get relief and your itching will go away completely.

skin glow
Mix Multani Mitti, sandalwood powder and rose water in one spoon of Charoli powder and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it dry thoroughly. When this paste dries, wash your face with clean water. By using this paste continuously for a week, your face will glow and your skin will improve.

relief from hives
Due to sweating in the summer season, hives often appear on the back and they start feeling burning and itching. In case of hives, grind 30 grams of Charoli and mix milk in it. Then apply it on the back. Applying it on the back will provide relief and the hives will gradually dry up.

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