Golgappa, which you eat with great gusto, was invented by Draupadi during the Mahabharata period, know

Interesting Facts: Golgappa, which you eat with great gusto, was invented by Draupadi during the Mahabharata period, know

Interesting facts about Golgappa: Golgappa, Panipuri, Phulki, Gupchup, Pani De Batase or Puchka, there are many names but the taste is the same… This is a very popular street food of India. The taste of Panipuri water is amazing and there will be no one who would not like to eat it. Golgappa tastes more delicious with Aloo Chole or Aloo Matar or with spicy-sweet-hot chutney. Although everyone eats it with great pleasure, but women like Golgappa more. Its history is linked to a woman from the Mahabharata period. Its mythological stories are also popular. Let us know what is its interesting history…

Who made Golgappa first?

It is said that Golgappa originated from the Mahabharata period. Draupadi prepared delicious Panipuri for the Pandavas for the first time. The story is that when Draupadi reached her in-laws’ house after marrying the Pandavas, Pandavas’ mother Kunti thought of testing her daughter-in-law Draupadi. At that time Pandavas were in exile and there was not much food to eat in the house, so Kunti wanted to see how well her daughter-in-law could manage the house. One day, Kunti gave Draupadi some leftover potatoes, some flour and spices and asked her to make something delicious. Something that would fill the stomach of the Pandavas and also give them taste. Draupadi made puri from this flour, filled it with potatoes and water and served it in front of the five Pandavas. Pandavas became happy after eating Golgappa. He also liked this dish very much and his stomach was also filled. Kunti was also very happy with this. It is believed that making Golgappa started from here and the idea of ​​making it came.

Panipuri’s relation with Magadha

It is also said that Phulki i.e. Panipuri was first made in Magadha. Today it is known as South Bihar. However, there is no information about what it was called at that time. But its ancient name Phulki is definitely found at many places. This claim might have been made because according to history, both potatoes and chillies used in Golgappa came to India about 300-400 years ago. Therefore, it is believed that Panipuri originated from Magadha.

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