Qatar confirms Israel-Hamas ceasefire with release of hostages, Palestinian prisoners will also be freed

Qatar has confirmed an agreement between Israel and Hamas regarding ceasefire and the release of hostages and said that when the ceasefire will come into effect, it will be announced in the next 24 hours. The ceasefire will last for four days.

It was announced in a statement issued by Qatar’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday morning and described as the result of talks brokered by Egypt, the US and Qatar for a “humanitarian ceasefire”. The statement said, “When the ceasefire will come into effect, it will be announced in the next 24 hours, which will be for four days.” There is also a possibility of expansion in this.

According to the statement, “The agreement also includes the release of 50 civilians held hostage, including women and children, who are being held in the Gaza Strip.” In exchange for the release of Palestinian women and children imprisoned in Israeli jails, Israeli civilians will be released. This number may increase as the next phase of the agreement is implemented.

According to the statement, the ceasefire will “allow the passage of large numbers of convoys of vehicles carrying humanitarian aid and relief supplies, including fuel supplies.” No further details were given.

Disclaimer: Prabhasakshi has not edited this news. This news has been published from PTI-language feed.

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