Additional SP Shweta Srivastava’s son Namish died in a road accident during skating training.

Namish, son of Additional SP Shweta Srivastava posted in Lucknow, died in a road accident during skating training. The accident spot was the same place where ASP once used to run a campaign against stuntmen. It would not have been possible to imagine that by campaigning against the stuntmen, she was keeping people safe.
One day that same speed will give them lifelong sorrow. After the death of Namish in a car accident on G-20 road, the police traced the car driver with the help of CCTV. It turned out to be Ravindra Singh alias Pappu, the son of former District Panchayat member of SP and his friend. Police registered a case of attempt to murder against both of them. Both have been arrested. In their statement to the police, both of them have confessed to the accident during the speed trial of the XUV-700.
Dev Shree, who lives in Indiranagar, told that he had left his house in the early hours of Tuesday with Sarthak Singh in his uncle’s XUV 700 car who had come from Kanpur. Janeshwar reached Mishra Park G-20 Road. Here first Dev Shree drove at a speed of about 100 to 120. It was decided that the one who drives the car at a speed above 100 will be the winner.
After this, Sarthak tried to outdo him as per the condition. Sarthak was driving the car at a speed above 100 kmph. At that very moment the child appeared. It was not possible to save the child at such speed. Sarthak told that the collision was so strong that we knew that the child would not be able to survive. So we fled from the spot. He said that we regret the accident, but we have not intentionally killed anyone.
DCP East Ashish Srivastava said that five police teams were formed after the incident. These teams scanned the footage of 40 CCTV cameras installed at many intersections including Janeshwar Park, Gomtinagar, Gomtinagar Extension, Polytechnic Square, Kamta Square, Samtamulak.
During this time, a suspicious car was seen running in a camera installed at a Maggi Point at Janeshwar Mishra Park Gate No. 6. While chasing the same car, the police found the correct number of the car. After which the police reached the accused.
Car driver Sarthak Singh, resident of Indiranagar, is an LLB student at Amity University. Dev Shree Verma is a third year B.Tech student in Ramswaroop. However, not a single camera was installed at the G-20 road, the site of the incident. Due to this information, the accused car driver ran away instead of stopping. It is being told that while running away, a mother and daughter had a narrow escape from being hit by their car.
Namish’s father Abhinay is posted as an officer in a private bank in Noida. After the accident, he was in a bad condition and started crying. Family members told that Namish was very smart in studies. Skating was his favorite sport. He was admitted to the skating court. Namish used to skate by joining Team Awadh. Whom coaches Divyansh Arora and Gaurav used to make practice. Divyansh was on leave on Tuesday, so Gaurav was making him practice. When the accident happened.
According to the postmortem report, Namish had serious injuries on his stomach and head. However, he died of shock and hemorrhage. After postmortem, the body has been handed over to the family members. Let us tell you that after this accident, DGP of UP Police, Special DG and all the officers of UP cadre had come to the ACP’s house to express their condolences.

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