This railway bridge rests on 145 pillars is a unique example of engineering.

Travel Tips: This rail bridge rests on 145 pillars is an unmatched example of engineering.

Internet Desk. There are many such railway bridges built in India, which you will be surprised to see. One such bridge is located in Tamil Nadu, which is known as Pamban Bridge.

India’s first sea bridge was commissioned in 1914. You will get a different feeling by passing through this bridge built in the middle of the sea. Pamban connects Rameshwaram to Pamban Island. Resting on approximately 145 pillars, this bridge is said to be an unmatched example of engineering.

This bridge is 2.5 kilometers long and 1 meter wide. When traveling through this bridge, it seems as if the train is running on water. This can be an adventurous journey for you. You must see this bridge once. Going here will prove to be a memorable trip for you. You should definitely make a plan to visit this place with your family in the coming time.

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