Resentment among hostel operators for calling Kota businessmen as robbers

City Complaint presented in the police station against the doctor who tarnished the image of

quota. There is a lot of anger among hostel businessmen over a doctor’s statement tarnishing the image of the city. During a talk show on a TV channel, Dr. Akhil Aggarwal described all Kota residents, coaching operators, hostels, grocery and stationery businessmen as robbers.

Describing them as students’ ATMs, the city police and district administration have also been called useless. He has also accused the city police of selling cannabis and running sex scandals in the city. Which is an indecent act for the image of Kota city.

Regarding this matter, today Kota District Center Hostel Association President Ashok Maheshwari, Secretary Anil Aggarwal, Chambal Hostel Association President Bhagwan Birla, Secretary Ashok Ladda, former President Vishwanath Sharma, Shubham Aggarwal, Kota Hostel Association President Naveen Mittal, Coral Park Hostel. Association President Sunil Aggarwal, President of New Kota Hostel Association Ashok Lodha, Secretary Rajeev Bhaiyya along with many hostel businessmen today went to Jawahar Nagar police station and presented a complaint before the station officer there.

He has appealed to the police administration to take strict action against those who tarnish the image of Kota by giving such wrong statements. Kota Trade Federation General Secretary Ashok Maheshwari said that the kind of language used by Kota resident Dr. Akhil Agarwal is intolerable for the entire city. Every section of Kota has made its identity internationally as the educational city of Kota by giving excellent results with their hard work. The results of which are known to the world.

Every section of the society here has contributed behind this. But many times efforts were made to tarnish the image of Kota on many subjects. Many a times, all the sections of the city have unitedly fought together and thwarted the plans of the conspirators. Maheshwari said that definitely suicide and other challenges are standing in front of us at this time, for which we all are constantly trying to solve.

The real challenge is from those conspirators who are trying to destroy the economy of Kota by tarnishing its image. Such wrong intentions will not be allowed to succeed under any circumstances. Because Kota coaching is currently the pivot of employment and economy in Kota, which many invisible forces have been trying for many years to damage.

Looking for every opportunity, it is leaving no stone unturned to tarnish the image of Kota at the national level by promoting it wrongly in the whole country. No section of Kota will allow the image of Kota to be tarnished under any circumstances, nor will it allow anyone to do so.

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