This special tea will give instant relief from not just one but 5 diseases of winter.

Drinking hot tea in winter season has its own pleasure. Most people drink tea to keep the body warm during winter season. Along with milk and water, tea is also very beneficial for health if it has the right amount of spices and is prepared properly. Some people add sugar or stevia to tea. But drinking jaggery tea instead of sugar in winter has many health benefits. Due to changing weather, people are falling prey to cold, cough and flu. To avoid this, you should not visit the doctor and should increase your immunity yourself. For this you need to make some changes in your tea routine. You should consume tea with jaggery. Jaggery contains elements like protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, vitamin C which help in keeping the body healthy. This tea is very beneficial in winter. So know what are the benefits of this tea and how it is made.

Make jaggery tea like this

To make jaggery tea, boil one and a half cups of water in a pan. – When it boils, add ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and tea leaves. – Now add milk to water and boil it. When everything boils well, take it off the gas. – Add jaggery to it as per taste and filter it. Keep in mind not to boil tea with jaggery. It will explode.


Consumption of jaggery tea is beneficial in case of anemia i.e. lack of blood in the body. Jaggery tea is rich in iron. It helps in formation of red blood cells. It increases hemoglobin level and removes anemia.

weight loss

Consume jaggery tea for weight loss. Drinking this helps in losing weight faster to some extent.

Digestive System

Jaggery tea is beneficial in maintaining good digestion. Regular consumption of jaggery tea strengthens the digestive system and provides relief from problems like constipation, acidity and indigestion.

get relief from migraine

Migraine patients should consume jaggery tea. It contains many nutrients which help in providing relief from migraine.

Immunity will increase

The antioxidant properties present in jaggery help in strengthening the immunity.

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