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Astrology: It is important to establish peace before power, know here how

Live Hindi news :-From the facts that emerged from conversations with people who had reached the pinnacle of material development during torture in different countries of the world, the only conclusion that has emerged is that the Supreme Power is worshiped in the world. But the irony is that everyone is considering destruction as a power, some are considering wealth and some are considering weapons as a means of power. Whereas the greatest power is spirituality, the soul. Man is the most powerful. There is not a single creature that does not have power. This truth has been revealed in the spirituality of India itself.

Met many powerful people in the world, everyone has complaints, and keeps asking, what to do? We don’t have this power. Feel yourself weak, incompetent, weak and feeble. Despite being powerful, they feel weak and weak. Experiencing power and using power can be possible through meditation and sadhana. Milton has said that peace has its own victories, which are no less glorious than war.

We have given the world the sutras of yoga and meditation. To meditate means to become aware of one’s power, to become aware of one’s potential, to develop oneself creatively, to establish the power of non-violence. The man who does not look deeply within himself is not aware of his power. One who does not have confidence in his own strength, does not know his power, neither God nor any other deity can help him. If there is a utility to work and also the capacity, then that power becomes creative and if there is a utility to torture or kill someone, then that power becomes destructive.

Arms and weapons cannot be considered a reliable means of protection. Today no nation is spiritually strong, that is why it is defeated even though it is very well armed and resourceful. We have to create a new world, because the writer L.M. In the words of Montgomery, “Is it not better to think that tomorrow is a new day, in which no mistakes have been made for now?” New thinking, new imagination, new action – this Ahimsa is Visva Bharati’s new human and It is the foundation stone of new world building. Big goals are never achieved by following a set path, there is a need to create new paths in life. The footpaths will have to be converted into highways.

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