These modifications reduce the mileage of the car, affect the engine.

These days, there is a trend of modification in old cars. The car can be given a new and fresh look with the help of modification. There are many types of modifications, these include interior and exterior modifications. You can get your vehicle modified as per your convenience and budget. However, there are some modifications which cause damage to the engine of your vehicle and along with this the mileage also reduces significantly.

Today we are going to tell you about some modifications which cause damage to the car. Nowadays, there is a trend of installing heavy metal cage in the front of SUVs. People get it installed for the safety of the vehicle. Its weight is very high and due to this it puts pressure on the engine. This reduces the mileage of the vehicle.

Wide tires not only increase the grip of the car on the road but they also look very stylish and trendy. However, due to being wide and heavy, they put pressure on the engine and also reduce mileage.

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