Chief Minister’s crisis, invitation received to visit Khan’s hut

During Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s visit to Kota, the issue of inclusion of Khan Ki Jhoparia village in Kota district and withdrawal of the Kota Development Authority bill was already about to be heated. Because Bharat Singh Kundanpur, who was a senior aide of Shri Gehlot in the past, has already given this in writing to the administration that whenever Ashok Gehlot comes to Kota as Chief Minister, he will meet him on these issues. Now that it has been decided that the Chief Minister is coming to Kota in the month of September, Bharat Singh has said that he will meet Mr. Gehlot regarding his demands.

-Krishna Baldev Hada –
Senior Congress MLA and former cabinet minister Bharat Singh Kundanpur from Sangod assembly seat of Kota district in Rajasthan has invited state Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot along with his cabinet to visit Khan Ki Jhopriya village located on the border of Baran-Kota district. .

Shri Bharat Singh, in a letter sent to Chief Minister Shri Gehlot, has said that for the last three years he has been continuously demanding to include Khan Ki Jhoparia village in the limits of Kota district because naturally Khan Ki Jhoparia village is in Kota district. Due to an administrative error, it was included in Baran district at the time of formation of the new district about three decades ago, but later this mistake was accepted.

Recently, the outgoing Divisional Commissioner has accepted the fact in the investigation that Khan’s hut village should have been a part of Kota district and has presented his report in this regard to the state government, but despite this the error has not been rectified till now. And Khan Ki Jhoparia village still remains a part of Baran district.

Shri Bharat Singh says that the Chief Minister has created 19 new districts in Rajasthan with great ease, but he is not even demanding the formation of any new district, tehsil or sub-division headquarters, but is demanding the natural claim on Khan’s hut. Reasons are demanding to include it in the limits of Kota district, but the Chief Minister sees this as a difficult test.

Shri Bharat Singh said that it has come to his notice that the Chief Minister is coming to Kota with his cabinet to inaugurate the Chambal River Front in Kota in the first week of September, so he will also meet the Chief Minister to discuss this issue. .

Along with this, they will also demand withdrawal of the bill to constitute Kota Development Authority because this bill is not in public interest. This will especially harm the farmers. Shri Bharat Singh has said in his letter sent to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot that – “If you have courage then you should visit Khan Ki Jhopriya village along with all the members of your cabinet.

So that you can clearly see the situation as to why this village is not included in Kota district?” Shri Bharat Singh has said in his letter that- “I have been writing to you on this issue for the last three years. You are shying away from facing the truth.

When you hold a cabinet meeting in Kota, then also decide about merging this village in Kota district. It is easy for you to create 19 new districts, but why is it difficult to merge one village, Khan’s hut, into Kota district?

In this letter, Shri Bharat Singh has also requested the Chief Minister to take his cabinet, especially Mining Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya, along with him to inspect the mine huts village.

Shri Bharat Singh said – “If you show courage to see the truth with your eyes and ears open, then everything will be visible clearly.” His reference was that naturally Khan’s huts fall within the limits of Kota district and not of village Baran. Therefore, it should be included in Kota district, which they have been demanding continuously for the last three years.

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