Railway changed the rule of lower berth, now the lower seat will be reserved for these passengers

Railway has reserved the lower berth of the train for the disabled. Indian Railways has taken this important decision to make their journey more convenient.

Lakhs of people travel by train every day. So they start booking tickets a month in advance to get their preferred seat. Most people’s preferred seat is lower berth or side lower berth. But now perhaps he will not be able to book this seat. Yes, Indian Railways has issued orders for this. According to the order, the lower berth of the train will be reserved for certain categories of people. Let us know who will get the lower seat of the train.

Let us tell you, the railways have reserved the lower berths of the train for handicapped or physically challenged people. Indian Railways has taken this important decision to make their journey more convenient.

Such is the distribution of seats

According to the order of the Railway Board, four seats in sleeper class, 2 middle seats below, two seats in third AC, two seats in AC 3 economy are reserved for Divyang. He or the people traveling with him will be able to sit on this seat.

Whereas in Garib Rath train, 2 lower seats and 2 upper seats are reserved for the disabled. They will have to pay full fare for these seats.

Railway will give seat to senior citizens without asking!

Let us tell you, apart from these, Indian Railways gives lower berths to senior citizens i.e. elderly people without asking. In the train, 6 to 7 lower berths in sleeper class, 4-5 lower berths in every third AC coach, 3-4 lower berths in every second AC coach are reserved for women aged 45 years and above and pregnant women. They get the seat without choosing any option.

On the other hand, if a senior citizen, Divyang or pregnant woman is given an upper seat in ticket booking, then there is a provision for TT to give them a lower seat during onboard ticket checking.

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